Heather Hoetger of Bulldog Solutions on Marketing Made Simple TV

Here’s what you’ll learn in this show:

  1. Why Crawl, Walk, Run is the key to marketing success
  2. Why you need to use outside firms like Bulldog Solutions and why their failures help you succeed.
  3. Why planning and thinking are critical to marketing success – the need for thinking time.

You will also learn tips on aligning sales and marketing and understand the keys to your success in this. You will also learn many marketing tips like “Ala cart does not work.” You will also learn the mistake almost all Fortune 500 companies make in marketing from Heather.

The show also features a great offer from Bulldog Solutions –

Revenue Performance Improvement: A Proven Path to Revenue Impact

How does the savvy marketer begin to respond to these challenges? This paper offers an overview of a methodology — Bulldog Solutions’ Revenue Performance Improvement Methodology—that helps marketing and sales executives identify gaps across the critical competencies that impact their company’s revenue performance.

Just click the link in the show to download it free.

Heather Hoetger
Heather Hoetger


Heather Hoetger is VP of Strategic Accounts for Bulldog SolutionsWe help you reach your revenue goals faster and more efficently.” Heather has been with Bulldog Solutions since its formation in 2002 and has driven Bulldog Solutions’ growth through revenue generation, She is @heatherhoetger on Twitter.

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