In this show, Nancy Duarte, CEO of Duarte, a Silicon Valley company that crafts presentations for leaders of the world’s greatest brands and is a popular TED speaker  joins show host Jeff Ogden in a fun and engaging show. (Please note: There’s a video quality problem near the very end.Sorry.)

In this show, you will learn three things:

1) How the great communicators use a special technique to engage their audience.

2) Why the audience and not the speaker are most important.

3) Why learning to communicate well improves results in business and life

We thank Nancy Duarte (@nancyduarte) for being a great guest on Marketing Made Simple TV. Marketing Made Simple TV is a production of Find New Customers and is produced and directed by Craig Yaris of Esquire Tech Solutions. Editor of the show is Kevin Ogden and it is supported by the sponsors featured on the screen. Please check them out.

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