Return On Influence – Video Interview with the Author Mark W. Schaefer

We accept that there are companies who measure our credit worthiness, without questioning the validity or ethics of it. And yet, 50 years ago, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, did NOT even exist.

How quickly we learn to accept.

Furthermore, all 3 of these credit-worthiness measuring agencies use computer software to do it. This software is developed by Fair Isaac and Company, hence the name of your score, FICO.

Measuring influence is tricky, but humans have been relying on the influence –our own and that of others- since the dawn of our species.

To this day, it is common practice in Israel, for the Rabbi to take a newly wed couple to a local bank and request a home loan, even though the young couple has absolutely no credit history.

The Rabbi, and the community behind the Rabbi, exert a certain amount of influence and guarantee the worthiness of the young couple.

Measuring the influence online should be considerably easier. After all, everything we do online is a series of zeros and ones that can be tracked and quantified.

In this video interview with Mark W. Schaefer, the author of Return On Influence, we discuss online influence, inspiration, Robert Cialdini, culture codes, and much, much more.