Is PR Dead? If Not, Where Is It Going?

In this interview I ask Gini:

* What is the new PR and social communications?

* What are the top 5 communications metrics companies must track to monitor the health of their online reputation?

* What 3 things are B2B brands not doing now that they need to start right away?

* In the socially connected and digital age how have public relations ethics changed?

* What’s your best social communications war story?

* What can a brand do to repair damaged online reputation and overwhelming the negative comments?

* How can a communicator stay relevant in an environment where the tools and strategies are changing faster every year?

* How should a brand strategically use paid, earned, shared, and owned media?

* Tell us how to structure the perfect book launch brand ambassador program?

Watch PR And Communications For The New Century: Gini Dietrich Interview


Gini Dietrich @ginidietrich CEO Arment Dietrich Author Spinsucks book and blog. Co-author Marketing in the Round (with Geoff Livingston.) 

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