What is content marketing? What makes it different from other types of business communications, and why should local businesses adopt a content marketing strategy? Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, talks with ReachLocal about content marketing as a discipline and why businesses need to integrate it into their existing marketing in this video.

In his latest book, Managing Content Marketing, Pulizzi asserts that storytelling and content marketing are critical for any business today to attract and retain customers. He states that even though businesses are familiar with copywriting, the concept of content marketing may be foreign to many of them.

“We aren’t set up as businesses for long-form, creative storytelling on a consistent basis through multiple channels; through audio, through print, through social media, through blogging, through whatever the case is. How many more channels are there going to be? There’s going to be ten more tomorrow,” he says. But, sharing your business story on all these channels is a critical to attract and retain new customers.

Pulizzi also says that businesses need to find a way to integrate content marketing with all their other business communication strategies like PR and social media. That’s because there are important benefits ofregular content marketing:

  • More customers in the sales pipeline
  • Increased content shares through social media
  • Better search engine traction due to a fresh stream of content

Ultimately, for local businesses, shifting to a storytelling strategy in your marketing can help you grow your business by helping you reach more of your target customers and solving their pain points.

What are your takeaways from our interview with Joe Pulizzi?