Every Tuesday from 1-2 Central time, I put my headphones on and my coworkers know (mostly) not to talk to me. That is when I log into Kitchen Table Talks (#KTCO) presented by Kitchen Table Companies on The Pulse Network for great business talk and conversation in the Twitter chat with the KTCO “family”. The show is emceed by Tyler Puburn and features Chris Brogan & Joe Sorge.

Back in May, I wrote a post in honor of Star Wars Day called What I learned about Social Media From Star Wars. In during the “News” portion of the show (where Chris talks about what KTCO community members are up to) he mentioned my post. To me, this was *huge*! Chris Brogan actually read and liked something I wrote and told other people about it! In my geeky head, this was “internet fame” at it’s zenith. (Take that “Double Rainbow” guy!)

Flash forward a couple of Tuesday’s and mid KTCO, I get a Tweet from Kyle MacNaught a producer at the Pulse Network asking me to appear the next day on The Pulse on Marketing to talk about the Star Wars post! I immediately said “YES!” and then, I panicked.

For those of you who do not know me from offline, I am absolutely petrified of any sort of public speaking. Earlier this year, I made up my mind that I had to do what scares me which is why I said yes. (Side note: every time I do a panel or a talk and now this… I feel I am improving with the pre event shakes and mid talk random babbling. So, it’s getting there.)

Due to the PCI rating of Thill Logistics, we can not use a webcam in the office, so I was lucky enough to be allowed the use of the Interact Marketing office for my Skype call with the Pulse. The next step was to set up a crafty way to get the best shot in the best light (Kyle helped me set up before the show went live) While it didn’t look that high tech from my end it got the shot and that is all the matters.

The interview was with Ty, so I had an immediate comfort level from already “knowing” him from KTCO. Ty and I went through each of the quotes I had mentioned in my post and we talked a little bit about each lesson I related to it. We made it through my segment with out any of the gaffes I was worried about (I have a tendency to swear when I’m nervous) and in the end, I was quite pleased with the experience. I’m proud of myself for writing a great post and for facing a fear at the same time. Below are some of the highlights.

Thanks again to Kyle & Ty for having me as part of the show!