Social Selling Jill Rowley
Whether you like it or not, today’s buyer has evolved. At the center of their evolution is the Internet, and all the information that is now freely available out there about you and your company. The next trend that helped shape how people buy today is social media, where buyers build relationships, glean information about their industry and listen carefully to what the experts and thought leaders have to say.

What better way to understand the impact of these trends on Sales and Marketing professionals than to chat with social selling evangelist and expert Jill Rowley?

After 6 years in management consulting and 13 years in software sales, her passion for elevating the Sales profession led her to work on enabling companies to sell in the social media age.

I asked her a few questions and here is what she had to say:

How can sales people adapt to the modern buyer?

“Sales has been and always will be about relationships. It’s important in sales to be where your buyer is. If your buyer is at a conference – be there. If your buyer is at a networking dinner – be there. If your buyer is on the phone or on email – be there.

Your buyers are on social, which means that your should be too in order to be relevant and build a good relationship. Social is a channel you can leverage, not only to learn more about your buyers but to engage with them.”

What is the role of content in social selling?

“The role of content in social selling is twofold. First, as a sales rep the content that the marketing department creates helps educate me so I can better understand the buyer’s world, so I can speak their language. For example, if I’m selling to developers, but don’t know the difference between Ruby and Python, I’m not relevant or credible to them.

Second, sharing content helps you cut through the clutter. It helps you be noticed, be relevant, be helpful, and add value. As a sales rep, sharing the content that helps a buyer makes me more visible and more relevant.”

What is the most important metric in social selling?

“The rubber meets the road with revenue. We’re not doing social for social’s sake. The goal is to build pipeline and drive revenue.”

This was just the start of our conversation with Jill, and there is plenty more that we want to chat with her about. We will resume the discussion where we left off in our upcoming webinar: How Social Selling and Content Work Together.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to brand your Salespeople as industry experts.
  • How to connect with content to warm up to your coldest leads.
  • How to measure the ROI of your social selling efforts.

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Originally published on Uberflip’s Hub.