At Social Media Down Under I got the chance to interview Jeff Bullas, an AdAge Power 150 blogger and top Aussie social media professional.

Here’s our interiew:

Adam Franklin: Hi it’s Adam Franklin, from Social Media Down Under. I’m here with Jeff Bullas, thank you for joining us today Jeff.

Jeff Bullas: It’s a pleasure Adam.

Adam Franklin: I’m keen to share with our audience on our blog and YouTube channel, can you tell me about the rise of these image sharing tools such as Instagram, and Pinterest.

Jeff Bullas: The web has become much more visual over the last 12 months and you might have noticed with the change of design for Facebook, the new timeline, cover photo. Also Google plus launching has put certain pressure on Facebook to evolve its platform. So seeing those two platforms evolve to provide higher definition larger images. We are also seeing the rise of platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram that communicate messages in a much more visual way. Also the popularity of infographics. These are all driving or creating new opportunities in terms of how we communicate online.

Adam Franklin: So should taking these visual tools into account when playing with peoples content marketing programs these days?

Jeff Bullas: Absolutely, so for example about 2 weeks ago I wrote a blog post containing a infographic that I’d pinned on Pinterest, and in checking the figures recently it’s had over 300 pins. Which means that infographic actually provides 300 links back to my blog. Now that’s a fairly powerful strategy for actually getting your content to spread and that’s the real challenge for most brands is getting the content to actually be shared and linked to.

Adam Franklin: Thanks very much for sharing that Jeff.

Thanks! You can follow Jeff Bullas @jeffbullas