I recently had the opportunity to interview Rachael King, Head of Social at Sidecar. Rachael describes herself as “a Gen Y digital media native and addict who gets to paid to do what she loves.”

1. I love the concept of a “living resume” – what a great idea. What inspired you to create that?

Thanks so much! I actually just started doing that for myself. I wanted to bookmark all the places I appear around the web that are worth referencing (articles I’ve written, pieces I was featured in, projects I’ve done). Pinterest was the quickest, easiest (prettiest!) way to do that. I was surprised when it started getting a lot of likes and repins—so much so that Mashable, CNN and USA Today featured it. The best part though, was having people tell me they created their own career pin board and landed a job because of it! That just rocks.

2. How would you describe your approach to social media?

Honest and transparent to a fault. I’m the kind of girl who has no poker face; you’ll always know exactly how I feel (even over the interwebs). But I like it that way. I don’t want to get brunch with a people pleaser who keeps their opinions bottled up. I want to get brunch with someone who puts their foot in their mouth constantly. Way more fun.
Entertaining! Or at least, I strive to be. I’m happiest when I’m making someone laugh. People take social too seriously. Even for a brand it should still be about fun, communication, and creating connections.
MORE PEOPLE. I have a two-part goal with social media. Step 1 is to connect to as many awesome people as I can find. Step 2 is to turn that connection into a relationship.

3. How is Sidecar innovating in social?

The best part of Sidecar and rideshare for me is the social aspect of the experience. Instead of sitting in the backseat with a stranger who is chain smoking and yelling on his cell phone, why not pay less to ride up front with someone chill who actually wants to get to know you? In my mind, Sidecar is the return of the “neighborhood”; people talking to people, getting to know each other, and helping each other out in the process. (Shameless plug: Check it out at http://www.side.cr)

4. I see that you’re all about connections. How do you power advocates – both employees and customers – to share their stories and spread the brand’s message in social channels?

One of the most important jobs of a community manager is to curate and collect stories and disseminate them in an awesome way. You should also encourage sharing along every step of the way. I weave social into everything I touch at Sidecar, from the app to support to every email communication. Never miss an opportunity to make it easy for people to share. Even if it happens to be negative, I want to know. As the person in charge of social, it is my #1 responsibility to LISTEN to our community and be the ears and eyes for the company.

5. Wouldn’t be right if we didn’t ask about “social ROI” and how you track social initiatives back to the business. How do you measure success in social?

Of course we run reports and watch certain key metrics, but for me it’s all about the stories and the case studies. I read, listen to, and watch every single thing I can, every day, and piece together the key elements that tell the story of what our brand sounds like on social at any given moment. Then it’s my job to translate or paint that picture for the rest of the company. Sentiment is a huge part of it, which I don’t believe any robot can (accurately) track — that has to come from human analysis. And that’s me.

6. What am I missing? Anything else you would like to add?

Just that I’m @rachaelgking on Twitter, if anyone out there wants to connect. I’m always happy to hear from a new e-friend!