This year ecommerce and the media in India has had quite the love hate relationship. When at one end we saw new ecommerce businesses sprouting every now and then, at the other end it was the media questioning or the pundits criticizing the way VC’s have been on a funding frenzy. The other wave we also saw that every ecommerce company more or less was having a strong budget for social media marketing., India’s online shopping destination for fashion and life style products have been one of the front-runners too. The brand has not only made a strong presence but has integrated networks and tried creating an impressive engagement over a period of time. The recent Children’s Day campaign was a cool example.

So I invited Manu Prasad, Head of Social Media at to be my guest at Conversations, online video series with people who are changing the world of social media in India. Manu, apart from being a social media guy, is passionate about brands and has been a long time blogger too.

We spoke about quite a few areas in social media and how that is being taken care at The video conversation shared below focuses on areas such as:

1. Content Strategy on various networks: Myntra has never shied away from exploring various networks, it has tied the brand’s objective with every network. So if they are present on Foursquare then they are providing tips to customers when they enter a shopping mall or on Facebook the idea is to share original content, content from the blog and product push. Even if Myntra is doing a product push it is more of discussing a current event and then associating a product with it. So not only they have given importance to content but justified the usage of all the networks they are present on.

2. Customer Support via social media: Customer Support has been a top most priority and as a brand they have invested on it to make a smooth operation. The support is not only on Twitter but on Facebook too via a dedicated app.

3. Online Reputation Management: The brand takes it very seriously however it is still shopping for a one point tool that not only takes cares of finding the issues but gives the flexibility of addressing from the tool itself. So as of now Myntra is on the hunt for a better ORM tool.

4. Social Commerce: Manu thinks that yes we are seeing a shift of ecommerce to social commerce but he thinks that it is going to happen on a quarter to quarter basis since the definition of social commerce is also changing with time. But definitely it is happening.

It was quite interesting to know how Myntra is dabbling with social media and hopefully you would also have some takeaways from the video.