Social Media is not child’s play. Exclusive and integrated campaigns are being run by brand managers. One needs to monitor all these campaigns and keep a tab on what competitors are doing too. So the need of the hour is to provide a platform from where brand managers can not only launch a campaign on different networks within seconds but also run the show well and monitor it too. Crowdnub is one such product that is out there to kill this pain point and make the marketers life easy.

We thought it would be a great time to catch up with Kiran Kumar, Co-Founder at Adepto Solutions, who is the brain behind Crowdnub. Kiran, who has been keeping a busy schedule with his product launch, was ready to be our guest for ‘Conversations’. In this video, Kiran speaks about the product and shares why social media marketers should care about Crowdnub. Finally, the man who had left Google, went on to create Trolly and now Crowdnub, shares some humble advice to young entrepreneurs who are making a mark in the social world. I hope you will enjoy watching the video.

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