The love affair of TV and social media is increasing day by day. No I am not doing a social television prediction article but last year I had shared my thoughts on how marketers can fill the gap between TV and social media. And, here is an English movies television channel that has been one of those brands working hard to fill this gap. End of last year, Sony PIX had launched the television show Chicks on Flicks exclusively for the social media community. After that it has been running campaigns that were created to increase the interactivity while a fan is watching a movie on TV. The latest campaign – Men In Black 3 is an ideal example which involved users participating on Twitter while the movie was on air.

So, this sounded like a perfect time to get in touch with the channel to know it’s thoughts on social media, the campaigns of 2012 and the road ahead. I invited Himmat Butalia, Marketing Head, Sony PIX to be my guest at Conversations, an online video series with people who are changing the world of social media in India.

We touched upon quite a few areas involving the television and social media bond. The video conversation shared below focuses on areas such as:

Favourite social media campaigns

Before sharing his favourite campaigns, Himmat stressed upon having a strong idea for a campaign since it is very easy to place a social media plan in the marketing plan. If we don’t have a strong or interesting idea then we should not force a campaign in the plan as the consumer today is very intelligent, added Himmat.

Listing down his favourite campaigns at Sony PIX, Himmat found PIX Say Sorry Girls Transporter series and the recent one for Men In Black 3 as some of the critical and well executed campaigns on social.

Social Media Marketing for World TV premieres

Himmat agreed that it’s a trend that is catching up but he also cautioned on the trend going in the right direction. Likes and numbers are good but you need to think if you have an idea for a campaign We should not be creating campaigns but our focus should be on creating interesting stuff to engage the consumer rather than pushing things online, added Himmat.

Social TV

Social TV for Himmat is a two way engagement and it is the future too. Men In Black 3 has been one such campaign that has been a push from Sony PIX in this direction, added Himmat. The campaign has also given a feedback to the channel that consumers want to have conversations and want to know what other things are possible while watching the movie.

Premium Content

Himmat sees a great future for premium content but it won’t work if brands keep on showing content that has been already shown. So a brand would need premium content on social media platforms for fans to watch them. If this could be done Himmat is quite positive there will be traction and revenue generation would also be possible.

I had my share of takeaways from this interesting conversation with Himmat, hope you would also have some from the conversation.