Facebook is a social network first and then it is a marketing channel for brands. Brands who understand this and respect it eventually stand out in the race for numbers. Aviva India is one such brand that has understood the underlined message of social networks and has made a strong presence on social media. The brand which breathes underneath strict guidelines, has surprisingly created a smiling and glowing community on Facebook.

Gaurav Rajput, Marketing Director at Aviva Life Insurance shares the secret with me in this episode of Conversations. Gaurav, who has spent a considerable time in marketing, was quite candid in his talks and I had some key takeaways from the video conversation:

1. From day one, the brand was not behind numbers. Since it represents a gloomy industry, it thought of bringing the fun side on Facebook. In doing so the brand replicated its offline strategy to the online world by bringing in the father-son bonding.

2. Over the period, there were many learnings of which one was that “social media is not a medium for hard selling”. So Aviva stuck to its objective of educating fans as insurance field in India has a lot of missing gaps. However, the idea is to do all this in a light and fun manner on social media.

3. Last but not the least, the brand considers that social media is no more a small entity but a much bigger medium like any other form of marketing. Hence, it needs a distinctive strategy and brainstorming.

I enjoyed listening to Gaurav’s thoughts in the below video and hope you find it helpful too.