A perfect blog post looks appealing after it is posted. But to make it a perfect one involves a lot of hard work in the back ground like any other creative work. And when it addresses a niche audience, it has more challenges. However, Anamika Sharma, my guest for Conversations thinks that beyond anything it is her madness for cooking and sharing the experience behind it via her blog that keeps her going.

Madcookingfusions.com is a cooking blog and a passionate initiative from Anamika Sharma. Previously, I had the pleasure to include her in the list of the 13 top cooking blogs in India as she was manoeuvring social media effectively. It is a pleasure to have her as my guest now. In this video, she shares about what blogging means to her, how social media is helping her blog and how this initiative is allowing her to live her passions. I had few learnings from this interaction and I am sure that you will have too if you aspire to be a professional blogger.

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