Amazing Things Will HappenAs children we dream.

We produce elaborate narratives that are rich in a multitude of colors and brought to life through performance. And devoid of any reservations. But as adults we suppress our dreams for a more practical way of living. In many cases a safer — predictable life. And while there is nothing wrong with traveling the road most traveled. Often times, our compromises lead us to an unfulfilled life.

I have traveled the road most traveled. Because it was expected of me. But over the past year, mentors such as Michael Hyatt gave me the tools to start dreaming again. But C.C. Chapman “told” me that there is nothing shameful in actually pursuing my dreams.

So here I am with my personal photography blog. Where I also pursue my dreams of being a writer. And because Chapman as been such a positive influence in my life, I asked if I could interview him. And he said “yes!” :-)

Why did you decide to write “Amazing Things Will Happen?” And how did “Managing the Gray” influence that choice?

I didn’t have a choice about writing this book. It has been nagging to get out of my head for years and the time was finally right.

I had already written out the outline before starting Content Rules and when Ann asked me to write that with her I put this book on the back burner. It was never a question of not writing it, just a question of when.

Managing the Gray did influence the book because I heard back from listeners more than once, “why don’t you write a book about this?” so I knew that there was already an audience for it when I found the time.

The biggest motivator for writing the book is that my kids are becoming teenagers and I wanted them to have a handy guide for living a great life. Sure, I talk to them all the time about what they want to be when they grow up and their different options but I thought it would be helpful to have an actual guide they could go to. I’m eager to see what they think about it after reading it. (they both currently are)

You mention the importance of always having a notebook. Why is having a notebook so important?

Because you never know when an idea is going to strike you and having a notebook that you can jot it down in makes sure you don’t lose any. Plus, while technology is great and I use Evernote as my virtual brain, being able to write and sketch on paper still hasn’t been replaced by any technology as far as I’m concerned.

In addition it is great to spend quiet time with a notebook. Sitting in a coffee shop or a park bench with simply a notebook and a pen is a great way to let the ideas flow. I talk about the importance of getting away from technology sometimes and a notebook is a great travel companion.

I see that creating lists is an important tool for you. But what do you tell people who make “To Do Lists” and never check off a single task?

Stop making lists!! A list is only a valid tool if you actually cross items off it.

I am a big list maker because it forces me to focus on the most important tasks that need to get done. I quite often will grab a post it and write out the 3-5 things that I want to get done on any given day so that I can focus on those. If you make the list too long then you’ll never get it done and that isn’t good either.

Walking the road less traveled is terrifying for many. What is your advice, to those people, on how to start the journey?

Take the first step and then keep on walking.

It really is that simple and I talk about it in much more depth in the book, but once you choose the path that you want to take you are the only person who can actually start walking down it. Yes, there will always be risks, turns and rough patches because that is how life is.

Call To Action

Pursue your dreams. Allow yourself to be a child whose imagination runs uninhibited. Permit yourself to chase the dream of being a photographer or a writer or a world traveler or where ever your dreams take you.