Uprank is a free intelligent marketing tool that provides marketers with website and marketing data on over 65 metrics. Based on the data, Uprank provides marketers with actionable insights that will help them fine-tune their marketing strategy.

uprank_logoI had an opportunity to speak with Uprank’s co-founder, Tanuj Moorjani, about tools like these. Moorjani was the co-founder of StatMyWeb, a third-party web statistics tool that allows marketers to analyze their own website and their competition.

Q: Who should use intelligent marketing tools?

Intelligent marketing tools helps entrepreneurs create a digital marketing strategy from scratch. Entrepreneurs are able to keep track of their search engine optimization efforts very easily. They are also to quickly and easily check their website’s architecture. Since it’s important that the user’s experience be enjoyable, these type of tools allow entrepreneurs a way to monitor that on a regular basis.

Small and medium sized-businesses can get great benefits, too. These businesses can use the data provided to improve their search engine optimization, create social buzz, and tune up their digital marketing efforts.

Intelligent marketing tools are also useful for digital marketing agencies. Agencies can use the tools for project management. They can also use the tool to generate reports that provide best-in-class data and actionable insights for their clients.

Q: What are the biggest problems intelligent marketing tools can help marketers solve?

These tools can solve many problems marketers have, but I think three of the biggest problems are (1) the time it takes for marketers to get their job done, (2) the amount of money it takes for marketers to get their job done, and (3) sometimes the process it takes for marketers to get their job done is very inefficient.

Marketers get help with the writing and tracking of digital marketing campaigns that are normally very time-consuming. The built-in project management tool makes it very easy to track even the smallest details.

Overall, these tools help make a marketer’s job less cumbersome and more efficient without being cost prohibitive.

Q: Why is competitor analysis so important for marketers?

It’s important for marketers to have a good understanding of their competition in search results. One of the many things marketers can learn is whether their competitor is targeting very useful keywords that they are not yet targeting. Competitor analysis can also help marketers notice problems on their own website that can be easily corrected.

Q: Intelligent marketing tools often include content discovery. How useful is this feature?

Content discovery can help marketers increase engagement, boost citations, generate more leads and increase revenue. This helps marketers use their website visitors‘ online behavior to predict what type of content they’ll want to look at next so they can serve them the content they’re looking for.