In this show, inbound marketing expert Rebecca Corliss of Hubspot,) who’s also a professional singer, joins host Jeff Ogden (@fearlesscomp on Twitter) for a fun discussion of topics on Marketing Made Simple TV. And as a special treat, @repcor sings for you in this video!

Check out this tweet from @hubspot:

(Click the button in the lower right to maximize your view for optimal experience.) We also invite you to watch Rebecca in You Outta Know (Inbound Marketing), one of the first things she ever did at Hubspot.

HubSpot’s Rebecca Corliss sings her heart out about the horrible life of an outbound marketer.

In this show, you’ill learn how to use inbound marketing to win new customers and why you need to think outside the box in hiring too – like hiring a singer like Rebecca, as Hubspot did. And there;s a great offer in the show – the popular white paper on BtoB Demand Generation, How to Find New Customers. Get it today by clicking the link in the show. We share your information with no one else.Rebecca Corliss

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