In this Marketing Made Simple TV show (click the button on the lower right to maximize the viewing window), the famed Guy Kawasaki, prolific author (with over 1.2 million Twitter followers) shares tips for business leaders and people looking for insights, as he is interviewed by show host Jeff Ogden.

In this show, you’ll learn:

  1. Why self-publishing is our future (and the theme of his new book, APE)
  2. The case for building your personal brand
  3. The story behind Guy’s Motorola project
  4. Guy’s personal message to YOU!

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is the co-founder of, an “online magazine rack” and he’s the founding partner of Garage Technology Ventures. He’s the former chief evangelist of Apple too. And he’s authored 12 books. He’s very active on Twitter and Google Plus.

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