What do you do when you want more out of life?

More out of your career…

AND you want to seriously contribute to the world?

Well… there are many ways to take things to the next level. However, a few months ago I got the chance to hang out with an extraordinary young man who found a compelling answer to this question.

You see… one of the most common things we hear from people writing into our support team is that they want to increase their income and impact by starting their own business on the side.

And that’s exactly what my friend did after being inspired by our very own co-founder here at The Gateway Method…Andrew Hewitt.

So I asked him to give me a short, private interview sharing his experience and some of his best tips for fellow aspiring entrepreneurs in our community.

If you’ve ever thought about making an impact on the world (and a nice income) by starting your own business, and you resonate with what Andrew has to say, you can also pick up a free copy of his brand new book on Amazon.

He’s been kind enough to allow anyone with a Kindle in our community to grab a complimentary copy for the next 5 days. After that, it’ll be about $10. (if you don’t have a kindle but still want to check it out, you can also get the first chapter free here.)

A Special Interview With The Author of The Two-Week Notice: How To
Discover Your Passion, Quit Your Job, & Impact The World

Andrew Gottlieb (not to be confused with our co-founder, Andrew Hewitt), was kind enough to provide an insider’s interview for our community here. Here’s the scoop on him:

Andrew Gottlieb is the founder of No Typical Moments, a digital marketing agency for GameChanging companies like we recommend here at The Gateway Method. The following is his story about gaining the courage to pursue his dreams, as well as some valuable insight into how you, too, can start your own side business and transition to the point of being able to quit your job.


Q #1: What inspired you to quit your job and take the path of entrepreneurship?

A: The idea of No Typical Moments had been engrained in my mind since I was a senior in college. However, it’s one thing to want to own your company vs actually have a product or service that adds value to the world. With this recognition, I worked nights and weekends for 1.5 years to create No Typical Moments while having numerous part-time and full-time jobs.

At the same time, I was unfilled in the jobs I had because I didn’t believe they were ever going to maximize my full potential. Simultaneously, it wasn’t in my heart to work for somebody else because I knew that it was inevitable that I was going to run my own company. In my opinion at the time, finding a different job was just putting a bandaid over my truest desires.

With that understanding, I knew that it was inevitable that I was eventually going to leave my job, but I wanted to build up enough case studies, industry contacts and a nest egg of savings before taking the leap of faith.

I want to stress that this was not a spontaneous decision I woke up and did one morning. I meticulously planned out my exit strategy for months on end to give myself the best possible chance of success. And eventually, I realized that my dream of No Typical Moments would never become a reality unless I quit my job and focused all of my energy on the company.

Q #2: What’s so important to you about working with “GameChanging” companies (like we encourage our Gateway Method members to seek out)?

A: Without Andrew Hewitt and GameChangers 500, there may not be a No Typical Moments.

After hearing Andrew’s speech over four years ago, it opened my eyes to this whole other world of business and life that I had been subconsciously thinking about during my entire time in college. I had interned in college in very traditional industries i.e. Wall Street, a political consulting firm in Washington, D.C., and numerous political campaigns. However, none of these jobs or industries really caught my attention. I felt like they were things I could do to ‘get by’, but I would never wake up on a Monday enthusiastic to get to work.

At a very deep level, I didn’t believe these organizations embodied systems, practices, philosophies or mentalities that benefited people, planet and the bottom line. Then, after hearing Andrew’s speech, I realized that there’s a global movement being created that focused on benefitting all forms of life. And even better, they had work cultures that helped and encouraged employees to blossom into their full potential. From that moment on, I knew that whatever company I created needed to replicate these types of businesses so we could maximize our impact, hire top talent, and create a profitable model that can be scaled.

Q #3: What would you say to others who feel that entrepreneurial bug and want to make more of an impact, but aren’t sure where to start?

A: There are a few things I would recommend doing starting today that will begin the process of propelling you in the direction of building your own company. It’s important to remember that this is not an overnight process and to be patient while you hone your skills, build industry contacts and step into your power.

1) Get a Library Card- Not only is this free, but it has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. Libraries should become your best friend so you can start to do some self education.

2) Find a Mentor- Want to know how to accelerate your growth? Find somebody who is doing exactly what you want to do and is ten steps ahead of you.

3) Attend Conferences/Events- On a local level, there are entrepreneur events happening weekly. The best way to start to discover these events is through Meetup.Com. On a larger level, keep an eye out for events like Awesomeness Fest, Burning Man, World Domination Summit, TEDx and SXSW. These are the events where the GameChangers are hanging out.

Q #4: What’s your favorite golden nugget from the book?

A: My favorite golden nugget is the different points of views you get on life and entrepreneurship from the three authors. You couldn’t ask for a more diverse group of three individuals and you witness this through our writing. At the same time, we are unified in our value sets, philosophies and outlook on life. We just approach them from very different perspectives. So as a reader, you have three ‘avatars’ to resonate with and you’ll most likely resonate with each of us for varying reasons.