Learn about bringing customers back to your website from social media in Future of Publishing

Since social media became popular in the mid-2000’s, customers have drifted away from publishers’ sites to connect with the publishers and their products to connect with them on social media. Publishers responded not by bringing customers back to their sites but instead by moving to social media and connecting with their customers there.

It sounds logical to go where your customers are, but what if you as a publisher could connect with people in the social mediascape to bring them back to your site? In this episode of Future of Engagement, Influence People CEO Murray Newlands interviews Echo Co-Founder and Strategic Vice-President Chris Saad about how publishers can bring customers back to publisher sites by blurring the line between social media and editorial content.


  • Many publishers have not adapted to social media and can no longer connect very well with their customers…
  • …They’ve moved to social media which is not as good of a place to engage with them as their own websites…

Find out how Chris Saad helps publishers draw them back in this episode of Future of Publishing.
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