Every business leader knows that to grow his or her business, she must find and hire the best employees possible.  But

  • Who are the best employees?
  • What should you be looking for?
  • What do the very best all have in common?

Those are the questions you’ll have answered as you watch Josiane Fiegon of Tele-Smart on Marketing Made Simple TV – the TV on the Web show. She shares tips and ideas to help you find and hire the very best employees possible. Nothing more important than that, is there?

Josiane Feigon
Josiane Feigon

Marketing Made Simple TV is a production of the sales lead generation company Find New Customers. It is produced and directed by the terrific Craig Yaris of Social Ribbit. We also need to thank the company that provides our TV on the Web platform, Watchitoo.

Marketing Made Simple TV premieres here every Thursday at noon/9am PT. Two weeks after premiere, it syndicates to many websites.  Companies interesting in learning about opportunities to sponsor the show (and reach a massive audience) should visit SponsorshipAdvertising Opportunities on Marketing Made Simple TV.

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