Each month, the #engage Mobile Influencers interview series profiles experts, thought leaders and rising stars in mobile, giving them an opportunity to share their personal experiences, preferences and predictions when it comes to mobile.

Last week, we talked to Chris Vaughn, Founder and CEO of alcohol delivery app Saucey (check out that blog post here). Chris was a guest speaker at May’s #engage Mobile App Meetup in San Francisco, but he had some additional insight about mobile marketing, messaging and customer engagement to share. Take a look!

Appboy: What has the most difficult – and conversely, the most rewarding – part of successfully building a business around a mobile app?
Chris: Saucey is really a very optimized logistics and operations company, with a simple mobile and web interface for customers. Balancing a logistics business with a fun consumer-facing approach takes a team that knows how to drive hard on operations, while being fun and user-focused at the same time. Building that company culture and team has been extremely rewarding.

Appboy: What steps have you found useful in assessing and optimizing the effectiveness of your app and its messaging?
Chris: Test everything. See what performs, remove the low performers and double down on the winners.


Saucey Founder and CEO Chris Vaughn

Appboy: How would you advise differentiating your mobile strategies depending on platform, device etc.?
Chris: Know when and how you’re hitting customers with messaging. Tailor your strategy to match how they interact with that device.

Appboy: What advice do you have for companies looking to establish a stronger mobile marketing presence?
Chris: There are so many mobile marketing companies out there, all of them promising the world. Speak with your constituents at other companies and see who’s performing for them. Also, make sure you’re addressing both ends of the funnel. Getting users in the door is only half the battle.

Appboy: What are some other companies who are using mobile marketing in a way you admire?
Chris: Shyp has done a great job communicating with customers from onboarding through the first 2-3 weeks of usage.

Appboy: What advice can you give about distinguishing yourself from competitors who have similar functionality?
Chris: Make sure that you deliver a superior service with a brand people love.

Appboy: Favorite mobile messaging channel – push, in-app, email, News Feed Cards – and why?
Chris: We love surprising our users with a well-written push message. We don’t do it too often, but when we send a push and see screenshots instantly popping up on Instagram and Twitter then we know we made our users laugh.

Thank you so much, Chris!