In case you missed it, venture capitalist (and past Twitter Platform Director) Ryan Sarver recently asked his 285K followers to list their five favorite apps and then compiled his unofficial results here. We asked Chris Vaughn, the founder and CEO of alcohol delivery app Saucey, the same question in our interview and we even got him to take a screenshot of his phone. Check it out!

Appboy: What’s on your phone homescreen? What apps do you find more useful?
Chris: Saucey and Uber are my must haves. Love Instagram. Use Gilt to buy fun stuff for the house and office. Calls, texts and emails are my primary communication. Calendar keeps me sane. Passbook for flights and events.

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Appboy: How did you get involved with mobile?
Chris: In college I built a development company that was building websites, apps and ran online strategy for local businesses. When the first iPhone came out, I (along with pretty much everyone else who got one) knew very quickly that mobile was going to be the future, and we started incorporating mobile optimized strategies into these local businesses. Ultimately I transitioned into running product for a local start-up. I designed and built out their first iOS and Android clients and have been in mobile ever since.

Appboy: How do you feel the mobile landscape will change in the next few years?
Chris: Your mobile device will increasingly become a tool that unlocks the world around you, personalized to your behaviors. Think of it less like a phone, and more like a device that enables everything that you do. It’s interacting with your home, your car, bringing your city and services to your location, as well as being a portal for multiple channels of communication. This also means it will fundamentally change the way businesses operate. Brick-and-mortar locations will become less destination focused and more warehouse-based as customers bring their world to them.

Appboy: What would you say your biggest mobile marketing success has been, and how was it achieved?
Chris: Anytime we’re able to control the flow of information to customers in a way that matches the marketing activation it’s a win. For example, if we’re trying to surprise users with something fun, then we’ll construct the communication to come all at once across channels. If we’re focusing on re-engagement, then we make sure that conversation happens over time with channel appropriate messaging being presenting to the users at different action points.

Appboy: How does Saucey best engage its mobile users?
Chris: Through delivering a reliable and great customer experience. When we nail the experience, then our customers increase their interaction on the platform, giving us new ways to communicate with them.

Appboy: What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your career in the industry?
Chris: Move fast and get in market. The biggest mistake I see most first time entrepreneurs making is wanting everything to be perfect, and they’re scared someone might take their idea while they’re working on it. If you move fast enough, you shouldn’t care if everyone knows your idea because you’ll already be in market, learning from customers and with a better plan for execution.