Vulnerability has become something of a buzzword lately, especially with the popularity of Bréne Brown’s work, but how comfortable are you being vulnerable in your life? How about in your business?

Marie Poulin, cofounder of the learning platform Doki, told me that being vulnerable has become kind of her super power, and she’s getting more and more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

It all started when she heard the advice that all entrepreneurs should take an improv class — specifically to get more comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. After she took her improv course, she heard about the 100 days art projects wherein you do one thing for 100 days.

And her first inclination was to do video — because it was such a crazy idea.

Watch the interview below for a fascinating conversation about vulnerability, giving yourself the space to play and create, and taking the fear out of being authentically empowering.

What’s fascinating to me about content marketing is that it’s all about connection. And when you distill down all the tips and tricks and tactics out there, the people who make the most connection through their work are the people whose content marketing will perform the best. It doesn’t matter what format or medium you use; connection is king.

Words of wisdom from Marie:

  • You have to start getting comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • There’s a lot of shame and guilt around people feeling like they should be ahead of where they are… a lot of pressure… and it keeps people from taking action.
  • Willingness to be vulnerable has become a superpower.
  • If you can see that it’s uncomfortable for me AND I’m doing it anyway, that’s really empowering.
  • Practice with Instagram Stories; your feed can feel beautifully curated and wonderful, but your stories can be a little more behind the scenes.
  • Video is just another way to connect with people. You can only get better at connecting with practice.

If you could choose one thing that would feel really uncomfortable for you and do it daily for 100 days, what would it be? I’d be so curious to hear your thoughts in the comments below.