What is more important than website traffic….? During the Inbound Marketing conference I saw Eric Keiles and Mike Lieberman and interviewed them to find out!

We delved into some misconceptions surrounding website traffic and conversions, and starting the sales process through ‘online conversations’.

Here is a transcript:

Adam Franklin: Hi there. It’s Adam Franklin, and I’m here with Eric Keiles and Mike Leiberman from Square 2 Marketing. Thanks for joining us guys.

Eric Keiles: Pleasure.

Eric Keiles

Adam Franklin: Now I’ve got a question for you. A lot of people are obsessed with getting traffic to their website. But what should they really be focusing on instead?

Eric Keiles: Well, it’s interesting. A lot of people want a million people a week coming to their website. Well, they really don’t want that. What they want is a million people a week coming to their website and 50 of them filling out the form that says, “I’d like to spend some money with your company.”

A lot of people forget that the whole exercise of driving traffic to your website is to make money. So one of the most important things you can concentrate on is not traffic to your website, but conversions once they get there.

Once they get there, you want to offer them a couple of different levels of conversions, depending on where they are in the buying process. If they’re just snooping around and kicking the tyres, give them a free report in exchange for their email address. If they want to get a little closer to you, they can log on and register for one of your webinars. Or if they’re ready to buy, they can fill out the form that says, “Have a salesperson talk to me right away.”

So by giving them those conversions, you start the conversation either from a marketing perspective or a sales perspective, wherever they are in the process.

Mike Lieberman

Adam Franklin: Awesome. Thanks, Eric. And Mike, what are some components of a good home page on your website?

Mike Lieberman: Sure, great question. We have a very specific set of things that we think are critical to a successful home page. The first is a ‘pain statement’, something that’s going to draw the visitor and make them feel like they can connect with your business and you understand their pain. They want to look around a little bit more on your site.

The next is solutions, that you can solve that pain. Then the third thing is you can solve that pain with marketing so that you’re different than some of the other options that they might have looked at while they were doing their Internet research.

Finally, they need to have some validation. So they don’t really believe you, what you say about your company. They want to see that other people have had a good experience, and that usually looks like videos, testimonials, or case studies, or success stories, or even written testimonials on the home page with a picture, the name, and a little snippet of the experience they had with the business.

Adam Franklin: Awesome. Okay. Thanks, Mike. All right guys. Thanks very much for that. You’ve got two great books, ‘Reality Marketing Revolution‘ and ‘Fire Your Sales Team Today. I highly recommend getting them, and thanks again.

Mike Lieberman: Thanks a lot.

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