I met Doris Edwards, who runs a digital marketing agency in Geneva (Switzerland), on LinkedIn a few months ago. There you go – social networking does deliver the goods.

We started working together on various ideas, one of which was how to educate smaller businesses – particularly in Switzerland – about the benefits of using content curation in their marketing.

It was my first video interview via Skype and I wasn’t sure how it would go. On the day everything was OK, except that my headset gave up the ghost and I had to dig an old one out of the cupboard. If I look a bit strained it’s because the headset kept trying to slip off.

Start at 2:15 to get to the chat about content and curation.

If you prefer to read

Here’s a quick summary:


How do you keep feeding your audiences interesting and relevant information when you’re busy running your business?


  • Becoming a content curator can considerably ease your load
  • Producing content is time-consuming and emotionally draining, even for pros
  • Take advantage of the huge explosion of high-quality content available on the internet
  • As a content curator, select what’s relevant for your own audience
  • It’s like being a museum curator who finds, selects and displays artefacts around a very specific theme
  • Follow the three steps to curating – searching, organising and sharing (SOS)
  • Be ethical – learn about the tools and techniques that allow you to curate content fairly. Do not steal or plagiarise
  • Content curation has gone mainstream among marketers in 2012 – don’t miss out.


How do you stand out when everyone else is producing content on the same topic?


  • What makes you stand out to your audience is focusing on them
  • Remember, you only need to stand out to your target niche audience – the rest of the world isn’t important
  • Focus relentlessly on what your audience wants or needs when you create or curate content
  • Don’t worry about what the competition’s doing
  • Curate content – that will make you stand out because you’ll be offering a much richer and more diverse mix of content than what you could produce alone.

Are you curating content? Are you overwhelmed by the demands of continually producing content for your business? Let me know what content worries keep you up at night.