brain-thumbnailBrian Carruthers, one of the most renowned trainers and authors in the Network Marketing industry, is known for his grit and toughness. His head down eyes up mentality has led him to making millions of dollars and setting new standards for his community of followers and business associates alike. I’ve interviewed him exclusively, and he’s provided us with 5 tips for entrepreneurs to grow their level of mental toughness:

What’s the first thing you think of when you’re trying to accomplish something?

“Defining your next goal that’s right in front of you. That usually means either creating a new sale or bringing in a new recruit to your organization. Know exactly what your target is, and know exactly how to hit that target. That’s the first thing that comes to mind. You just have to keep it simple and keep your train of thought precisely in the right direction.”

What’s helped you maintain a level head while also portraying the image of being tough and such a go-getter?

“I’ve honestly just always kept my goals right in front of me. I don’t think it’s about staying grounded or portraying an image of toughness. I think you just have to keep things simple. Go after your next goal that’s in front of you. Don’t act like you’re better than anyone else, but at the same time don’t let anyone else’s opinion of you get you down. At the end of the day your vision of yourself is what you’ll hold closest to you.”

When it comes to defining what your goals are, what’s your process?

“I think it’s pretty hard to hit a goal that isn’t well defined and isn’t relevant to what you’re actually doing. For example, if you’re a swimmer, setting a goal to bench press 300 pounds probably doesn’t correlate that much to you being a better swimmer. So in business, just make sure that your goal is in direct alignment with what your end result is. If I want to make a million dollars, I figure out how big my organization needs to be and how many sales need to be driven through that organization to meet that income goal. When it comes to making goals for your business, try to stick to making a goal that is easily calculated.”

What’s the most important thing in your routine for your business?

“Prioritizing my priorities. There’s so much money in the world, in fact they’re printing more and more of it daily. But there isn’t more time. You can’t just go print time for yourself. So I make sure that I’m investing my time rather than spending it.”

What’s the hardest thing for entrepreneurs to do to get them to the next level?

“Believe it or not, it’s keeping yourself accountable. When you’re self employed and don’t have anyone over you telling you what to do, responsibility is going to come with that freedom. Most entrepreneurs that aren’t successful are notoriously bad at holding themselves accountable to their daily tasks. It causes them to become undisciplined, and that’s when you’re easiest to be defeated in your business.”

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