In this show, Lisa Dreher, VP of Marketing at Logicalis, a global IT services firm, shares the story of a highly successful marketing campaign. This campaign delivered great results for them and won a major award as well. But Lisa also shares the hard work and deep research that laid the foundation for this campaign. Click the button at lower right to maximize the view for optimal viewing.Lisa Dreher

In this show. you’ll learn:

  1. Why planning and research are critical to success
  2. Fresh ideas and insights on how to do your research
  3. The kind of marketing metrics you too can get, if you do your homework.

If you are a marketing leader such as a VP of Marketing or Chief Marketing Officer, this show is for you! The show also contains a great offer from Logicalis – 6 Surprising Benefits of Managed Services. Just click the button in the show to see this.

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