Social TV is a common phenomenon in developed markets. The simple meaning of the term would be engaging in real-time with the TV show while watching it. This could be playing a contest while the show is on or participating in a discussion with a secondary device such as your mobile phone. India is yet to see the same but meanwhile Indian companies are finding opportunities in the limitations provided by the market. While Twitter in the country is evolving itself as a second screen where you can converse, startups are also trying to crack the same by their unique offerings.

I happened to come across one such startup that is based in Pune and has been working in stealth mode for the last 18 months. Thanks to a discussion on Quora, I met Anand Shah, Founder at Ignite Solutions at his office.

Ignite Solutions has been primarily focusing on the second screen space and is building a platform that would not only appeal to consumers but producers and advertisers too. Presently they are working on a consumer app which might go live by early next year; simultaneously the startup is working on some branded apps that are work in progress. Anand, who comes with a lot of experience in this space, was is no hurry and gave a sneak preview on what the team has been building for the last few months. I must say the startup is not only trying to provide live participation to consumers but also an easy and enriching platform for producers at the same time.

The video shoot at Anand’s office has been divided into two parts since the founder had a lot to share and I wanted to do justice to the content. The first part of the interview that is shared below focuses primarily on three areas – 1. Early days and how the startup came into existence, 2. Thoughts on Second Screen, and 3. The offerings from Ignite Solutions for the market.

Do share your thoughts on the second screen market. In the second part, Anand speaks about the present market, competition and challenges. So stay tuned for it.