In this episode of Marketing Made Simple TV, Jeff Sands of ITSMA sits down with show host Jeff Ogden to discuss what an Account Based Marketing program is and why companies need it.

Jeff Sands
Jeff Sands

In this show, you’ll learn:

  1. How an account based marketing program can drive increased profitability
  2. Why Account Based Marketing required truly deep insights into buyers
  3. How to set up an Account Based Marketing program – why everyone needs to work together.

In addition, ITSMA offers a certification program on Account Based Marketing, which we link to in the show.

Marketing Made Simple TV supports our sponsors who support us. In addition, we thank Craig Yaris of Social Ribbit who directed the show and Kevin Ogden who edits it.

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Sneak peek for readers of this blog only

Our featured guest next Thursday is Patty Azzarrello, of Azzarello Group. She’s the author of Rise: 3 Practical Steps for Advancing Your  Career, Standing Out as a Leader and Liking Your Life.  She was also the keynote speaker at the recent Marketo Summit. She has great tips for aspiring and current business leaders. Don’t miss this show!