We are happy to announce that Amanda Nelson will be joining us today for our Expert Interview series!

Amanda is Manager of Content at salesforce.com. She has over three years of content marketing and community management experience and loves writing, curating and creating content for salesforce.com’s prospects and customers. Prior to that, Amanda worked at advertising agencies in New York City and Connecticut, where she helped brands like JetBlue, Atlantic Records and Amica Insurance create successful branding and digital campaigns.

7 Questions on Social Media With Amanda Nelson

1. How did you get your start in the industry?

I spent eight years working at advertising agencies and learning how consumers used media. More and more, digital and social media were growing and I wanted to be in that space. I became a Community Manager at Radian6 and moved up from there.

2. What is the biggest challenge facing your industry?

Content marketing is still an up and coming space and finding the right candidates and the right brands for content marketing success is a real opportunity.

3. What is the method to your blogging success? What inspires your blogs?

I have been writing my entire life and with a marketing background and an appreciation for helpful, actionable content, I focus on creating blog content that uses this lens. Does the blog post meet my marketing goals? Would it be interesting to the audience? Does it include actionable steps customers can start utilizing today? These are all inspirational and necessary questions to ask before I start typing. I also listen to Marcus Sheriden and his advice to answer every customer question via your blog. It can be as simple as pricing or as complicated/controversial as a competitive assessment. Either way, addressing the needs of your customers via helpful content will result in great visibility to your website from SEO, social media, overall traffic and even new customers.

4. What do you think is the future of social media?

For brands now and in the future, social media must be embedded throughout the entire organization. This is a BHAG (Big Hair Audacious Goal) but it is the future. Social media is part of customer service, IT, HR, Marketing, C-Suite, etc. It must be everywhere and belong to everyone.

5. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out? 

Perfect your writing skills. Start blogging daily or weekly to get practice. No matter where you end up in marketing, strong writing is critical.

6. Where can we find you on the web/on Twitter/Facebook/etc.? 

Google Plus
Salesforce.com Blog
A Media Mix Blog

7. What do you think is the most important takeaway from your session? 

In a world of content overload, helpful, actionable content via content marketing is a crucial part of your marketing plan. Whether you take on one or all 10 of the strategies I share, it’s about testing, learning and trying again.

You can hear from Amanda and other great presenters at our virtual event from November 11th – 22nd. Please visit the #LEARNDigital page for more information. Click here to read more interviews from our presenters.