Leo Widrich, Co-Founder of Buffer

Leo Widrich, Co-Founder of Buffer

Have you heard of Buffer yet? It’s one of social media’s most up-and-coming tools. You mark the content you want to share on Facebook and Twitter, and Buffer takes care of scheduling for you. We’re excited to have Leo Widrich, co-founder of Buffer, with us today for the Business 2 Community Expert Interview Series.

Working mostly in marketing and community outreach for Buffer, Leo is the mind behind the blogs and weekly Twitter chats. When he’s not doing that, he’s offering support to Buffer’s awesome users.

Leo grew up in Vienna, Austria, studied for a few years in the UK, and ultimately ended up moving to Silicon Valley with co-founder Joel Gascoigne to work on Buffer.

6 Questions on Social Media With Leo Widrich

1. How did you get your start in the industry?

When I first started to take over marketing for Buffer, all I did was guest blogging. I knew that the only way to get anyone’s attention is to provide them with value, before you ever mention your own product.

So I went ahead and blogged about the best Twitter and Social Media tips I could find. And as people found value from the posts, they looked for what else I was up to and discovered Buffer. I found this approach very helpful as you don’t have to be sales-y and put others first.

Doing all this guest blogging, I was also lucky enough to build relationships with some of the best bloggers out there.

2. What is the biggest challenge facing your industry?

I think the biggest challenge is definitely too much information and content coming in from all sides through our streams. Filtering your Tweets, Facebook updates and what have you and at the same time, providing value to your followers and friends is a hard task.

I am betting on a lot of apps that will help us work our way through information overload in 2012, such as Twylah, Summify and SocialBro. And of course, I hope Buffer helps solving the problem of posting your Tweets at optimal times.

3. What is the method to your blogging success? What inspires your blogs?

The aspect of blogging that has worked the best for me, was to have templates of how the posts look like always fully sketched out. I have a template for list posts, for HOW TO posts and for product review posts.

This helps me a great deal to write the articles in a focused and quick way. Writing is a vital part for me to put my thoughts into order and is one of the main reasons to blog. It is also always a huge inspiration for me to get awesome feedback from my readers. Driving discussion and staying on top of the latest tech news is a lot of fun.

4. What do you think is the future of social media?

That’s a tricky one. I believe the key for the future is to help us cut through the clutter and get to the most relevant Facebook posts and Tweets in the shortest time span. At the same time, we don’t want to overload our followers and optimize the way we share too.

I think this will be the focus of 2012 at least. Making more efficient content discovery and sharing the spotlight of new apps. I am sure there will be some amazing things coming regarding this.

5. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out?

One of the best tips I was given was that:

“have a success rate of 25%. About 75% of the ideas you propose, new initiatives you take, and client engagements should not go to the next step. And that’s healthy.”

So, there will be a lot of things that go wrong, but you just have to keep going and keep pushing, and eventually you will work your way through to success.

6. Where can we find you on the web/on Twitter/Facebook/etc.?

I would love to chat to anyone who has questions about this. I am @LeoWid on Twitter, which is the fastest way to reach me. You can also connect on Facebook with me here.

And by all means, email me if you want to, [email protected] anytime.

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