Ghostbusters was a box office hit in the 80’s starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis & Sigourny Weaver.  It focused on four paranormal investigators with the tools & talent to save the world from ghosts, gods & a 100 foot Marshmallow Man.  This film not only became a blockbuster sensation, but spawned not only a sequel, but toys, cartoons, video games and much more.

It has been years (over 20) since the release of Ghostbusters 2, but rumors surfaced that there is indeed a third film in the works. Most of the key players are on board including Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and even Sigourney Weaver. Even Ivan Reitman, the original director of the franchise, is on board. So what is taking so long? Two words: Bill. Murray.

Now, there has been rumors, speculation and glimmers of hope & despair about the third installment, but from what I’ve gathered, bottom line, Bill Murray just doesn’t want to do it. That, or doesn’t feel a third film is necessary. Actually, Bill Murray didn’t even want to do a second film! But with a hit cartoon and a wish list of toys, a sequel was high in demand. And you just can’t do a Ghostbusters without Bill Murray.

Which brings us to the other reason why it has not happened. Apparently at one time, the only way they could move forward with the installment was if they were all on board. Years ago, they released a video game, but Murray refuses to strap on a pack in a live action flick.