Is Norman Reedus leaking Walking Dead spoilers on his social media accounts? It looks as though he may have done just that Monday afternoon.

Reedus keeps up a regular communication with his Twitter and Instagram followers, with regular messages and photos. He often shares fan photos, including artwork depicting Daryl Dixon, and, most recently, photos of fans dressed as Walking Dead characters for Halloween.

Monday afternoon, though, Reedus shared a new photo on Instagram. It appears to be on the Walking Dead set, and though it’s distant and blurry, it looks as though it could be Daryl carrying Beth’s body to a fire.

A photo posted by norman reedus (@bigbaldhead) on

It’s not certain that the body is Beth’s, despite fan speculation, and it may not technically be a Walking Dead spoiler, since the scene was briefly shown in Talking Dead‘s previews for next week’s episode. Still, the brief glimpse in the preview went unnoticed by many, and now it seems the photo has many fans worried that it may be a hint to Beth’s fate.

Other fans disagree, however, pointing out the group’s longstanding policy: they burn strangers, but bury their own lost loved ones. This doesn’t rule out burning a body if there was a reason for hurry, but it does make it seem less likely.

Some fans are insisting that the body is too small to be Beth — but is that wishful thinking? Well, there’s another hint available from another source: IMDB. Emily Kinney, who plays Beth Greene, is credited in every episode remaining in the season.

As unlikely as it is that a character would be part of every episode after her body was burned, it’s not quite impossible in a series where dead people walk — and, too, there are flashbacks. Still, the speculation is just that — speculation. Norman Reedus gave fans something to anticipate for next Sunday, but it does stop short of full-blown Walking Dead spoilers.