Can’t wait until Sunday to get your Walking Dead fix? Well wait no more, AMC has released two sneak peeks for the upcoming episode! The Walking Dead season 5 has lived up to it’s own hype so far delivering an amazing season. The previous few episodes were slower, character based shows, but we’ve grown so attached to these characters that it’s enough to keep us enthralled. Carol and Daryl have one of the most interesting and dynamic relationships on the show, and last nights episode did more than enough to keep viewers attention, it gave us some insight on how Carol and Daryl are dealing with who they used to be.

Next weeks episode is called ‘Crossed’:

Since it’s premiere in 2010, The Walking Dead has gone on to commercial and critical acclaim, with the season 5 premiere bringing in 17.3 million viewers, making it the most watched drama series in basic cable history. The show was such an immediate big hit, that since season 2, AMC has aired an after show, titled Talking Dead. Talking Dead features host Chris Hardwick discussing the latest episode with the actors and producers of the show.

In September of 2013, AMC announced they were developing a spin off companion series to The Walking Dead which will feature an entirely different set of characters, and on September of 2014, AMC ordered the pilot to go into production. There have been no further details released since then.

Alexandra Breckenridge has recently joined The Walking Dead cast, however she has yet to make her appearance as Samantha. Samantha is described as a “strong, smart and articulate mother with a bohemian spirit and a vulnerable side.” The role is scheduled for season five, with the opportunity to carry her characters role over to season 6. The producers are known for covering up identities with fake names in order to keep the real character a secret from comic book readers, so we can’t be sure who she really is.

AMC’s The Walking Dead airs on Sundays.