A Walking Dead Ace Ventura mashup surfaced this week, and is quickly going viral. The video is courtesy of What’s The Mashup, a Youtube channel devoted to improbable video mashups and parodies — and as improbable video pairings go, Ace Ventura and Walkking Dead could hardly be a more startling combination.

Still, in the video (below), the mixture works, somehow. Jim Carrey might never have been considered for a cameo in The Walking Dead, but when Ace Ventura meets Daryl Dixon, it all comes together. Check out the video and see if you agree.

The nearly seamless cut from one video scene to the other gives a perfect impression of Daryl chasing Ace through the woods. The small darts from Daryl’s crossbow might give a bit of cognitive dissonance, but the overall experience is spot-on.

How would Ace’s goofy, yet somehow capable character fit in on The Walking Dead? Most likely his loud obnoxious noises would serve to draw the attention of every walker within hearing range — but once he was bitten, he’d be the most entertaining walker the group ever encountered.

Unless, of course, Daryl pursued him through the forests of Georgia, and put a crossbow through him before he could draw any danger to Daryl’s friends. Perhaps Carol’d be the more likely candidate for that — she was certainly ready in episode six (yes, the one that inspired Emily Kinney to post a ‘bum pic‘ on social media) to shoot Noah for stealing Daryl’s weapon.

A more likely reason for Daryl to relentlessly hunt down Ace in the woods is for Carrey’s character to have been a member of the Terminus group — he’d make a believable cannibal.

Of course, the Walking Dead Ace Ventura mashup has little in common with what can actually be expected from Sunday’s show. The real sneak previews for that can be found here.