Tuesday was the second night of knockout rounds on “The Voice.” Adam said at the beginning of the show that “It all comes down to song choice,” because if a singer picks the wrong song, it can throw everything off and prevent them from proceeding to the next round.

The first battle was between Lena Gaudenzi singing “I’d Rather Go Blind” and James Preston Pohl singing “No Woman No Cry” from Adam’s team. Lena did well in acting out the song, but her voice was shaky and the song ended rather suddenly. James had more control, however he didn’t have a lot of emotion in his voice. Adam wasn’t very impressed by either of them, but he chose to keep James.

Team Blake was next with E.G. Daily singing “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and Ray Boudreaux singing “Hard To Handle.” E.G. was nervous and it showed in her performance because she seemed to have trouble keeping up with the song. Ray didn’t have a flawless performance, but it was more clean than E.G.’s so Blake keeps him and sends E.G. home.

From Christina’s team it was Anthony Paul singing “The Other Side” and Jacquie Lee singing “Stompa.” Anthony’s choice of song didn’t seem right for his voice so the performance felt off. Jacquie moved around the stage throughout her performance which is what she struggled with during rehearsals and did a great job singing her song. The clear winner was Jacquie.

Cee Lo put Stephanie Ann Johnson and Tamara Chauniece against each other. Stephanie sang “Don’t Know Why” and Tamara sang “No One.” Stephanie is definitely a unique singer because she would yodel during parts of the song. Then Tamara made the brave choice of making the song into reggae which she actually does very well. Cee Lo keeps Tamara and Christina quickly stole Stephanie back onto her team.

Then Adam’s James Wolpert singing “More Than A Feeling” and Juhi singing “Heard It Through The Grapevine” were next. James got off to a really rocky start, but he finally settled into the song and hit a great note on “away” at the end of the song. Juhi has shown that she has a great voice, but she wasn’t very consistent during this performance and Adam chose James over her.

Blake put Brandon Chase against Austin Jenckes. Neither performance was show-stopping, but Austin has a great voice and pulled off the song so he won over Brandon.

Team Cee Lo went next with Caroline Pennell singing “The Way I Am” and George Horga Jr. singing “Because of You.” George is a little flat in his delivery, but does well, but Caroline is absolutely amazing and it’s no surprise that Cee Lo chooses her.

The final battle of the night was Matthew Schuler singing “Cosmic Love” and Will Champlin singing “When I Was Your Man” from Christina’s team and is definitely the battle of the night. Matthew does amazing. He has a great voice and holds the last note for a really long time. Will also had a great performance that had a lot of emotion and soul. It was definitely a very tough decision, but Christina chose Matthew as the winner of the battle.

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