Tuesday night was the second round of battles. Basically, each coach puts two of people from their team against each other, determines which one is better, and eliminating the other. It is a way to start narrowing down the playing field. However, when someone is eliminated, one of the other judges has the option of stealing that person and bringing them onto their team.

Team Christina was up first and it was Jacob Poole against Matthew Schuler singing “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark.” The song seemed to be a struggle for both singers however Matthew brought more emotion and had more power while singing and Christina chose to keep him.

Next was Cee Lo’s team with Kat Robichaud and R. Anthony singing “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing.” The singers have very different styles which is why Cee Lo put them against each other. It was a tough choice because R. Anthony had some really great moments in the song and Kat brought a lot of intensity. In the end, Cee Lo chose to keep Kat.

Team Blake put Monika Leigh against Ray Boudraux and Blake had them sing “Some Kind of Wonderful.” Both are funksingers and they even got to meet Cher during rehearsals which thrilled Monika. They had some issues while rehearsing but they were able to bring it together and they gave the best performance of the night. It was definitely a tough decision but Adam Levine says that Ray did amazing and really proved himself. Blake seemed to agree with him and decided to keep Ray and send Monika home. However, lucky for Monika, Cee Lo used his steal and brought her onto his team.

There were some other battles that the show went over quickly. Team Blake had another battle between E.G. Daily and Sam Cerniglia where E.G. Daily won. Cee Lo kept Cole Vosbury after he battled Lupe Carroll. Team Adam placed Ashley Dubose against Justin Blake where Ashley won.

The battles continue next week.

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