Monday night was the last night of blind auditions on “The Voice.” At the beginning of the night, Christina had 11 spots filled, Blake and Adam both had 10, and Cee Lo had 9 but by the end of the night they all had a full team.

The first performer was Matt Cermanski who performed a very different version of “Teenage Dream” last season and was sent home. This time, he performed “Have a Little Faith in Me” and got not one, but three coaches to turn around. Adam, Blake and Cee Lo all gave him compliments but Matt chose Team Adam. The next singer, Grey, also joined Adam’s team and got the same three judges to turn around when she sang “Catch My Breath.” With that, Adam’s team was filled making Adam the first coach this season to have a full team.

Tamara Chauniece sang Beyonce’s “1+1” and Christina pushed her button after the first note shortly followed by Cee Lo. Christina tried her hardest, but Tamara chose Cee Lo. Cee Lo also got the next performer, Lupe Carroll, after he sang “If I Were a Carpenter.”

The coaches started to run out of spots on their teams, so naturally, they had to be very selective for that last spot. Because of this, there were some good singers that just didn’t quite blow them away but were very good. These singers included Diego Roman Navaira and Dminic Scott Kay.

The next singer was Brandon Chase who performed “Wanted.” He got Blake to turn around almost right away. Cee Lo wasn’t sold right away but then he did push his button, but it didn’t matter because Blake, a future country singer, won him over to his team. Blake got the next singer, Brian Pounds, to join his team after Brian performed “Wagon Wheel.” Brian Pounds became the last member of Team Blake.

Michael Lynch performed “Bailamos” and chose Christina after he explained that he taught himself Spanish even though he had no Latin roots. Michael Lynch became the last member of Christina’s team.

The last performer of the night was Shawn Smith who performed “Chicken Fried” which got all of the coaches to turn around even though all but one had full teams. Cee Lo became his coach and filled his team.

The blind auditions are officially over. On Tuesday, the battle rounds begin.

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