The battle rounds are over and the knockout rounds began on Monday night’s episode of “The Voice.” This means that the judges have some hard decisions ahead of them because they have to narrow down their teams to only five singers. However, each coach has one more steal for this part of the show. Although the pressure is high, it is also kind of fun and exciting because the singers get to choose their own songs instead of the coaches choosing for them.

First up was Team Christina with Amber Nicole singing “Mama KNows Best” against Josh Logan singing “Living for the City.” Amber did a great job with the song and got a lot of praise. Josh has showed in the past that he is good at impersonating singers while singing their songs, and he did it again with this performance. Christina ended up choosing Josh which was pretty shocking but Black and Cee Lo both jumped at the chance to steal Amber onto their respective teams and Amber chose Cee Lo.

Next was Team Cee Lo’s Kat Robichaud singing “You Oughta Know” ad Monika Leigh singing “Hit the Road, Jack.” Cee Lo chose the singers because he was looking for a show-stopping performance. Kat does a better job on stage because she outperforms Monika vocally and visually and is the clear winner of he battle so it’s no surprise that Cee Lo chooses her over Monika.

Then it was Team Blake’s Holly Henry singing “Creep” and Nic Hawk singing “Genie in a Bottle.” Although Holly has shown that she is a great singer in previous performances, her song choice wasn’t quite right with her voice and it showed but Nic also had a not so great performance. Blake ended up choosing Nic who even admitted that he was surprised with his coach’s choice.

Adam put Ashley Dubose and Tessane Chin against each other. Ashley sang “Hey Soul Sister” who ends up going meek while singing it on stage. Tessanne sang “Stronger” and does a great job and had great stage presence so Adam chooses to keep Tessanne.

Team Blake is up once again with Briana Cuoco singing “Don’t Speak” and Shelbie Z singing “Last Night.” Shelbie is very comfortable with the song and does great and has a lot of control and had a better performance that Briana and Blake chose Shelbie.

Grey (singing “Already Gone”) and James Irwin (singing “Breakeven”) from Team Adam went up against each other. Grey pulled out all the stops in her performance and even belted out a great note that really impressed the judges. James did a great job as well, but it was clear that he just wasn’t as good as Grey so he was sent home.

Destinee Quinn and Olivia Henken from Christina’s team went up against each other. Destinee sang “See You Again” and Olivia sang “You’re No Good.” Christina put them against each other because they are both country singers and she wanted only one. They both made mistakes during their performances but Christina chose to keep Olivia.

The final battle was Team Cee Lo’s Cole Vosbury singing “Let Her Go” and Jonny Gray singing “We Can Work It Out.” They both had great performances and it was a difficult choice for Cee Lo but he decided to go with Jonny. Adam and Blake both tried to steal Cole, and he chose to join Team Blake.

The next knockout round will be Tuesday.

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