Early 90s rapper Vanilla Ice (né Robert Van Winkle), decided not to evacuate his home in Palm Beach, Florida, as Hurricane Matthew approached. Instead, he stuck around and tweeted to fans that he was going to ride it out and keep them updated.

Because, you know, when a meteorologist just isn’t cutting it, there’s always Vanilla Ice.

Good news: he seems to be doing well.

He wasn’t providing any updates overnight, but he came back this morning to let everyone know how he made out. Unfortunately, not everyone was quite as fortunate as he was.

And now that that’s done, he’s going back to work.

*Note: This post is in no way meant to diminish the severity of Hurricane Matthew’s devastation, and is only intended to provide a lighter story.

Image Source: By Dave Kleinschmidt from Williamstown, MA (Is this real? Cropped from original image.) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons