In Touch Weekly’s cover of their December 1, 2014 issue features the love triangle that will outlast all others. The cover centers around the non-existent battle between Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Does it ever end? The tabloids are making a pretty decent killing off of the love triangle that never was – even ten years after the fact.

The magazine states that Angelina and Jennifer are at war and will finally come face-to-face in a nasty showdown at the upcoming Golden Globe Awards. In Touch Weekly has become quite known for spewing nonsense at the expense of Aniston, Pitt and Jolie and is constantly throwing caution to the wind with regard to their false and negative reporting on the subject. The tabloid has reported time and time again that Aniston was pregnant and/or adopting a child, but the rumors never bore any fruit.

In Touch Weekly’s cover suggests that ten years following the end of Pitt and Aniston’s marriage, she is looking for a revenge face-off with Jolie. The magazine anticipates a royal cat fight because the two leading ladies will be courting the award show season with “Unbroken” and “Cake” respectively.

An insider reportedly said of Aniston, “She’s been waiting a decade to look Angie straight in the eye and tell her how she really feels. She’s told friends she’s repulsed by her. Angie stole her man. How is a woman supposed to ever get over that?”

Aniston’s “pent-up anger is going to explode”, the magazine quotes their source, saying, “She’s looking forward to proving to Brad and Angie, and everyone else, that she isn’t in any way intimidated by them anymore. She’s been waiting for this showdown for a decade.”

In Touch Weekly’s cover is clearly making things up and the funniest part about it is that they have also injected another pregnancy rumor into the fray. Reportedly, Aniston is hoping that being pregnant by Justin Theroux will “win her plenty of sympathy” in her reported showdown with Jolie.

“Gossip Cop” has reached out to sources close to the Jolie-Pitt clan and they have said that the newest allegations are absurd.

[Photo Credit: Gossip Cop]