Digital Spy visited the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron last year, and has now released a ton of new information gathered from interviews and such.

I suppose I should add a quick SPOILER warning tag, just in case you’d rather see these character dynamics unfold on the screen.

Beginning with producer Jeremy Latchmen talking about Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who teams up with Ultron, and how Ultron is a different character entirely from Loki:

“Instead of Ultron giving a lot of speeches so everybody knows what he’s thinking, it’d be nice if he had some allies. The story that Joss put together with these two kids is really sweet and poignant, and you really understand why they would start on this side of the line. It’s a great journey that they go on, from being these rough and tumble kids in Eastern Europe who blame the West, and the Avengers for the plight, the power structure of the world that keeps kids like them down. Over the course of it they realize maybethe Avengers are here for good reason.”

Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Scarlet Witch, then elaborates on one particular Avenger who the twins completely hate:

“Our characters have a lot of anger, especially towards Tony Stark, and we want revenge. We meet Ultron, and he’s someone who preaches peace and… believes what we believe, which is that the Avengers create destruction and that Tony Stark’s bomb is responsible for killing our parents.”

Eventually the twins see the light, and leave Ultron’s team. Olson talks about her character:

“My character ends up really having to deal with her ignorance. A lot of problems that happen towards the end of the film are her responsibility.”

Apparently a much bigger threat than Ultron makes itself known. Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, explains:

“The larger threat individually isolates each of us. It’s quite a personal kind of threat, and Thor is potentially seeing the bigger picture here – he has a whole other sort of journey for a while, where he kind of goes ‘Hang on, this is part of something else, I think’.”

Producer Latchmen then goes on to explain how the break up of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a huge problem for the Avengers, seeing as there is now no clear leader:

“S.H.I.E.L.D. has fallen apart, so this movie becomes Tony Stark and Steve Rogers trying to put the Avengers together without a parental unit like Nick Fury hovering over them. What you realize is that these are guys who work best with rules, and probably do need some adult supervision. Tony has been paying for everything, designing stuff, building new toys, he’s the benefactor of the whole thing. But Steve Rogers is very much in charge of operations and missions, he’s the moral compass, but how long can Tony Stark have someone else be in charge?”

Much to everyone’s appreciation, the Hulk will be playing a much bigger role this time around. Mark Ruffalo, who plays Bruce Banner, aka The Incredible Hulk, talks about this character:

“I think he does feel more comfortable with himself and his relationship to Hulk, but that confidence definitely gets shaken during the movie. He’s sort of left behind in waiting as the secret weapon, the nuclear bomb. I feel like we haven’t even scratched the surface with Hulk, as far as his character goes. The technology just hasn’t completely been available, and I think we’ve sort of been ignorant about the approach, like, what can we do with the Hulk? Yeah, he’s great and it’s exciting when he freaks out and smashes, but there’s a whole character there from the comics, who can talk and has a personality. Is it always just rage? I think there’s a battle of identity going on between him and Banner, about establishing dominance, and what troubles Hulk in a very primal way is Banner, because he’s the only thing that has any control over him. That sets up an interesting dynamic that hasn’t been explored yet.”

Whedon then goes on to try and classify the genre of the new film:

“With the first one, I set out to make a war movie. This time I said to Marvel, ‘I really want to make more of a science-fiction horror’, but then in the first week I was like ‘This is clearly a western’. Then it became a war movie again, then oh no, it’s a romantic comedy, a 1940s romantic comedy… No, it’s Ibsen! No, okay, it’s definitely an adventure. It’s an action comedy! I suppose if it’s gonna get put in a category, it has got some science fiction in it, but for me, it’s just everything. And hopefully that doesn’t come out as ADD, but as what happens when you put these different people together, you get that kind of weird dissonance with their different worlds and styles, and you hopefully make music out of it, instead of a horrible cacophony.”

And finally, when asked about directing the next film, Whedon made his stance quite clear:

“I cannot imagine directing a film with – if you’ll pardon the expression – more f**king people in it. I’d love to see one, though,”

So apparently the next installment, the two part Infinity War, will have even more characters! How is that even possible? Maybe we’ll all get that Guardians of the Galaxy crossover we’ve been wanting.

We’ll be sure to post more Avengers information as it becomes available.

Avengers: Age of Ultron will be released May 1st, 2015.

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