The blind auditions of “The Voice” have picked up again and the third episode of the fourth season aired Monday night. At this point in the show, the judges have had two nights of seeing what the other three are looking for and it is clear that they each have their own strategy. 

Blake and Adam are using the fact that they have each won in the past and have been a part of the show since the beginning to their advantage. Blake, being a country artist himself, is once again naturally drawn to the country singers which has lead Adam Levine to throw down the challenge that he wants to steal a country artist. Usher also announced that he has been working on his Spanish, which is a playful, but empty threat toward Shakira.

Throughout the episode, the judges picked on each other and bragged after they got a singer to choose to be a part of their team over the others. At one point, Blake did a little dance in front of Usher. While the judges were trying to convince one singer to choose each of them, Blake made a comment that he hadn’t seen Usher this excited because he had put his leg down. Usher usually sits with his one leg up, which has kind of become a joke for this season, and there were a few references to it last night.

By the end of the night each team consisted of the following:

Team Blake:

  • The Swon Brothers
  • Holly Tucker

Team Usher:

  • Taylor Beckham
  • Michelle Chamuel
  • Chelsea M

Team Adam:

  • Krina Iglesias
  • Warren Stone
  • Duncan Kamakana

Team Shakira:

  • Garrett Gardner who auditioned last year, but finally got a coach this year with his performance singing “Seven Nation Army”
  • Monique Abbadie
  • J’Sun

Half of the spots are now taken and the next episode of blind auditions will be Tuesday, April 2.

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