Another round of blind auditions occurred on Tuesday night’s episode of “The Voice.” Blake Shelton, who has a habit of playfully rubbing in the fact that he has won two seasons of the voice began the show by “finding” his 2011 American Music Award for Favorite Male Country Artist outside the studio as his way of reminding us all of his success. Then finally, the episode kicked off with the first singer.

Audrey Karrasch, who was discovered by the Ford Modeling Agency, said that she wanted to be recognized for her voice and not by what she looked like. This is definitely the show for her then. She started off the night by singing Jessie J’s “Price Tag” and got Blake to turn around right away, shortly followed by Usher. Audrey did not need a lot of convincing because once Usher said, “You’re my girl,” she did allow him, or anyone else to say much else before choosing to be on Usher’s team. Then it was Usher’s turn to rub it in and said, “Now I know. It must feel really good to be Blake.”

Brandon Roush was up next and was the first person this season to start his performance by sitting on the edge of the stage. He sang “With a Little Help From My Friends” by the Beatles and although he sounded amazing, it took a while before anyone turned around. Shakira is the only one to turn around, so he joins her team.

Betsy Barta sang Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for any of the judges to turn around. Three other singers also performed and walked away with not a single chair turning around. Patrick Dodd takes the stage and with his raspy voice, sings Marc Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis” and gets Adam and Shakira to turn around and eventually picks Adam.

Orlando Dixon sang “So Sick” and Usher is the only judge to turn around so he is automatically put on his team. The final performer of the night was Savannah Berry who sang Taylor Swift’s “Safe and Sound” and gets all of the judges except Usher to want her on their team and she chose Blake for obvious reasons.

There were a few performers that were not shown because of time constraints. There was Trevor Davis who joined Team Blake, C Perkins who joined Team Shakira, and Agina Alvarez who joined Team Adam.

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