“The Voice” had its second episode on Tuesday, March 26. It was the second night of blind auditions. Shakira and Usher had gotten their feet wet during the premiere on Monday, and in this episode, it was clear that they were settled in and that the fact that they fit in with Blake Shelton and Adam Levine is becoming more and more clear. At the end of Monday night’s auditions, there was one singer that stood out from all the rest: Judith Hill. She had actually been a back-up singer for Michael Jackson and sang at his funeral. During her performance she got a standing ovation. Adam Levine actually stood on his chair and said that he would light himself on fire if he didn’t get her on his team and she ended up choosing him. So everyone was interested to see if anyone could top her. Although there were some great singers, Judith Hill is still the best that we have seen this season, but it is still very early in the show.

AdamlevinemiamorUsually there are a few performances that end without a single chair turning around, but in the second episode of this season, all but one singer got a coach. There were six singers that gave it their all. The first was Josiah Hawley who sang one of Adam Levine’s songs and got three of the judges to turn around, including Adam, but ended up choosing Usher to be his coach which was a surprise.

Midas Whale, a folk duo blew the judges away and got all four of the judges to turn their chairs and try to convince them to choose them, but chose Adam Levine. Abraham McDonald followed a touch act, and was the only contestant to walk away without a single chair turning around.

Cathia got Shakira, Usher, and Blake to turn around when she sang a Spanish song and chose Shakira. The best of the night was Sarah Simmons who had all four judges begging her to be on their team and she chose Levine.

Blake Shelton, who usually is able to win over the contestants and uses the fact that he has won two seasons to his advantage, did not gain a single member to his team. The night ended with Blake Shelton having three team members, Adam Levine having three, Usher having three, and Shakira having four.

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