The Real Housewives

I used to be obsessed with the Real Housewives franchise… until about the time the Real Housewives of Atlanta hurricane of destruction hit. Kim and NeNe were too much for this girl to call entertainment, crossing the line from classy to trashy in under a season. However, the more and more these shows branch out and take over Bravo television, I wonder what the draw is to watching these women’s lives play out? They don’t do anything. There are no skills involved. They are the epitome of what the feminist revolution taking over society doesn’t want.

What I think is the catch, is the fact that we all secretly want to be them. In this generation it is not acceptable for women just to stay home. It isn’t the norm like it used to be. Women are taking over the workforce and are expected to bring in income and climb up the corporate ladder, all the while making a name for the female race. Jumping over hurdles that once were placed before them and tearing down the walls of sex discrimination is what is now.

Nonetheless, I’ll be the first to admit staying home, being catered to, and never having to lift a finger to be the bread winner doesn’t sound so bad. Working is over rated and these women have brought back the housewife in a manner that includes killer bodies, and bottomless bank accounts. I could do without the cattiness, never ending plastic surgery, and overall self absorption, but these ladies have it made.

Perhaps their success isn’t what they do, but what they don’t have to do at all. A constant life of leisure sounds tempting, not degrading. Anyone agree?