This weekend the NBA is holding it’s annual All-Star game in Los Angeles. There have also been other forms of traditional entertainment to go along with this All-Star game including the dunk contest, three point shooting contest, rookie vs. sophomore game, skills challenge, and celebrity all-star game.

Perhaps the most talked abut event this weekend leading up the All-Star game was the celebrity all-star game. Participants this year included Common, Romeo, Rob Kardashian, Nick Cannon, and Michael, Rapaport. Former NBA players also participated including Scottie Pippen, A.C Green, and Jalen Rose. However, Justin Bieber was the celebrity who grabbed most of the attention.

Despite coming up empty at the latest Grammy Awards, Bieber walked away from the celebrity all-star game with the MVP award finishing with 8 points on 3 for 11 shooting in a 54-49 losing effort. With him on the court, Bieber’s squad was a -10 scoring, but that didn’t deter his fans with Bieber fever from voting him for MVP. Before the game Bieber tweeted “Everyone text “bieber” to 69622 for me to be MVP in the allstar celeb game. I’m going in!!! Haha.” Throughout the game, Bieber made a couple three pointers and even threw an alley-oop pass.

Most of Bieber’s fans are young teenage girls who figure to be the majority of voters of Bieber for MVP. As he was handed the trophy, the stadium erupted in what sounded to be cries of young girls. Scottie Pippen, who was most deserving of the MVP and who blocked Bieber in the 3rd quarter, said that Bieber “played pretty well” but that he has an “ugly shot.” Bieber is still only 16 years old and still has time to improve his game. He already has an MVP under his belt and will be eligible for the 2013 NBA Draft. By then will any NBA teams catch the “Bieber Fever” and “Belieb” in him enough and make him part of their team?