Are you a big movie buff? Then maybe you’ve traveled to check out a few of your favorite movies’ filming locations, and you know how surreal and exciting it an be to see the actual locations that are in a movie (has anyone else ever run up the steps to the Philadelphia Art Museum like Rocky?). If you haven’t gone somewhere to check out a filming location, you’re missing out, because it can be really interesting.

Maybe traveling somewhere specifically to see where a few movies were shot is a bit much for you. If that’s the case you should check out this map, created by the fine folks at Travelex Currency Exchange.

It allows you to see all the filming locations of IMDB’s top 250 movies, which is perfect if you’re traveling somewhere and you just want to pop by the filming location of one of your all time favorites. Big cities, especially LA, NYC, and London are movie hot spots, so if you’re heading to a metropolitan scene, you might get to see where several movies were filmed.   This interactive map lets you sort by your favorite movies, or you can simply click around the map to see what movies were filmed where.

(via Travelex Currency Exchange).