The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been a very popular show, and ratings continue to rise. Her increasing popularity is because of several different reasons. For one reason, people really enjoy the show because of Ellen’s behavior. Sometimes she pushes the boundaries a little bit with her humor, but she never crosses the line and people love her sense of humor. The internet is also a big factor, especially because of YouTube. Many clips from her show get put on the website, and have millions of viewers. Her YouTube channel has three times the amount of people visiting it than the popular comedian’s, Jimmy Kimmel.

Another reason why Ellen has become so popular is because she has started ending each episode by pleading with her audience and all of her viewers to “Be kind to one another.” It started when she heard that a student at Rutger’s University jumped off of a bridge after he was outed as being gay on the Internet two and a half years ago. It hit home for her since she has been open about her own sexuality even before she started her show ten years ago. People have really responded to her empathy and her message to treat each other with respect, especially when bullying is sadly so apparent in our culture.

A lot of talk show hosts’ careers start to become less popular after five or seven years, but The Ellen DeGeneres Show continues to get attention. When Oprah went off the air, there was a giant hole, and Ellen DeGeneres has started to fill that void. Ellen has also had a few “make a difference” segments such as donating $20,000 to pay a fan’s student loans and flying a 7-year-old boy to Disneyland who was awaiting a heart transplant. In addition to this, she voiced the fish, Dory in Disney’s Finding Nemo, and has just signed onto the sequel, Finding Dory.